1st MATSURI Exchange Session was Held


The 1st MATSURI Exchange Session for all partners was held online on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

The purpose of this exchange session was to create opportunities to deepen collaborative studies and discussions among MATSURI partners by having partners developing business at the forefront of different industries share their knowledge and ideas for industrial use of microalgae.
Among the many uses of microalgae, companies aiming for industrial use in the chemical products field gave talks about the following:
・ Introduction of business and in-house technology
・ Prospects for business development through MATSURI
・ Seeking cooperation from other partners

"Introduction of DNP's Business and In-house Technology for the Creation of Environment-related Business" (Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.)
"Zeon Corporation's Initiatives and Aims at MATSURI" (Zeon Corporation)

Below are examples of feedback we have received from MATSURI partners who have participated:
"I was able to learn about each company's approach and it was also helpful to be able to explore areas where we could potentially co-create."
"It was very helpful to be given a chance to know each company's thought processes and steps they were taking regarding algae businesses."

Together with our partners, MATSURI will continue to hold study sessions, exchange sessions, workshops, etc. in our combined effort towards the formation of the algae industry.