2nd MATSURI Study Session was Held


The 2nd MATSURI Study Session for all partners was held online on Monday, October 25th, 2021. We had 82 people attend this event.

At this study session entitled "Current Situation of Microalgae Business and Further Steps for the Future," companies with implementation-phase industrial projects utilizing microalgae gave talks on the following points.
・ Project status and products
・ Issues and challenges
・ Current and future plans
・ Request for info/cooperation, etc.

"Introduction of DIC's Microalgae Business" (DIC Corporation)
"Introduction of Taberumo and Initiative and Proposal on Eating SDGs" (Taberumo Corporation)
"Introduction of Fuji Chemical Industries' Microalgae Business" (Fuji Chemical Industries, Ltd.)

Below are examples of feedback we have received from MATSURI partners who have participated:
"I felt it was very meaningful in that it was a place where members could share both their challenges and their wisdom."
"I look forward to a deeper discussion based on this theme."

Together with our partners, MATSURI will continue to hold study sessions, exchange sessions, workshops, etc. in our combined effort towards the formation of the algae industry.