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A project to build an algae-based industry Join MATSURI

Why do not you realize the de-fossil resource in your business? If you would like to participate in the project or be interviewed, please contact us below.

  • raberumo
  • Nissan Chemical
  • Amano Enzyme
  • Nippon Steel
  • zeon
  • Mitsubishi kakouki kaisha L.T.D
  • Ikeda tohka Industries Co., Ltd.


Does it cost anything to participate?

The costs for corporate and industry structuring partners are set as follows,
Corporate partner : ¥900,000/year (tax included)
industry structuring partner : 4.5 million yen/year (tax included)

What specific activities is CHITOSE Group involved in?

The core of MATSURI's activities is the MATSURI Study Group and joint research (business development). Monthly review meetings will be held to discuss among the participants the establishment of an algae industry and the division of roles in the value chain. Themes of high interest in the study group and themes of interest to each company are invited to participate, and joint research (business development) will be launched to develop and demonstrate elemental technologies. Other irregular events such as study sessions and workshops will also be held.

Is there a roadmap?

Our goal for 2025 is to cultivate algae on a scale of more than 1,000 hectares and to commercialize the harvested biomass in various applications.

Is participation limited to one company in one industry?

In promoting the creation of new industries and the spread of MATSURI throughout society, it is not necessary to have one company in one industry system. We believe that the participating companies will benefit from the process of promoting the project in a lively manner with many companies. The MATSURI office is responsible for organizing intellectual property and confidential information.

I am not sure whether to be a corporate partner or an industrial structuring partner.

Both partners are partners who work together to promote the creation of new environmentally sustainable industries and the realization of a recycling-oriented society. A corporate partner supports a new industry through its own business activities, while an industry structuring partner is involved in the new industry as a player. Please contact us for details.
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