Our Future

Powered by the sun, algae utilize the process of photosynthesis to grow, while absorbing CO2

Did you know?
Many of the products we use in our everyday lives can be made using algae as raw material.
・Fuel for cars, airplanes, ships
・Plastic and synthetic fibers used for straws, utensils, smartphones, clothing, and buildings
・Protein, an important nutrient
・Feedstock for fish, chicken, pigs, and cows
・Dietary supplements
・Cosmetics and toiletries

As you have seen, algae biomass is a better alternative to using finite fossil resources to produce various products. Algae play a crucial role in saving our planet, which is challenged by several environmental issues today. With algae, we can create a sustainable society, providing a better place to live for our future generations.
When algae becomes a major raw material used by humans, we will be liberated from the burdens of having to constantly take environmental countermeasures, and the world will become a more enriching place to live in.
Through MATSURI, we will make all these come true, with the power of algae.